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I'm Aunt Anna & 

this is my story...

     Growing up in an Italian immigrant family, my Grandma Gigliotti would proudly give me one of her hard, dry, crumbly licorice-tasting cookies that she called Biscotti. I quickly developed an aversion to them as I found myself dreaming of delicious, warm out of the oven, chocolate chip cookies that other grandmas would give their grandchildren.

     Many years later as the Coffee Revolution was brewing, my husband and I purchased an espresso machine for our Italian restaurant.  Needing a treat to go along with it, I recalled the biscotti of my youth and vowed to make one that wouldn't break your teeth and that would actually taste good!

     It took me weeks of baking and batch after batch (after batch) to perfect my recipe.  Our patrons took to the biscotti immediately, and as word spread, I outgrew my home bakery and moved into empty basement space at the restaurant. From these humble beginnings, Aunt Anna’s Biscotti is now in hundreds of coffee shops and specialty stores! 

     The name “Aunt Anna’s” comes from being an aunt to 5 nieces, 5 nephews, 8 great nieces, and 8 great nephews (and counting), some of whom were test testers in the early 1990s and all of whom enjoy eating my biscotti today.

Inspiration comes from unexpected places... 

Grandma Gigliotti would be proud.

My Fabulous Flavors

For the Sweetest  Moments in Your Life

 An ever changing array of flavors.........Just click the photo for more details.

Always Available Flavors are noted with an *asterisk in their description. 

Seasonal Flavors are also noted in description. 

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy biscotti and that's sort of the same thing."
                                          Aunt Anna


Preparing Dough
Baking Ingredients

For Retail Ordering

Ordering is as easy as placing your order through the Shop Feature or visit my location at my restaurant, Noviello's Sunset Cafe, 302 S. Urania Avenue in Greensburg PA. (Please visit Restaurant website for restaurant hours.)  You may purchase as many or as few biscotti as you like and they will come individually wrapped when ordered by mail.


  • Custom orders are available. 

  • Individually wrapped biscotti for special events,

favors & showers.

Whatever your biscotti needs, Aunt Anna can make it happen! 

For Wholesale Ordering

If you own a business or a coffeeshop and would like to carry

Aunt Anna's Biscotti, please contact me for more information on distribution and pricing.


Contact Aunt Anna

We are Located in

Noviello's Sunset Cafe

302 S. Urania Avenue

Greensburg, PA 15601

Let me know your thoughts...

Email me with any questions you many have.

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